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We offer the Purest & Highest Quality Wildcrafted Natural herbs and Oil Infusions available of their kind. We want You to Feel Secure that you are buying Authentic South African Traditional herb and Infused Oil Blend natural remedies. Our products are intended for those who are seeking an all natural alternative, and consist of Only Top Quality & Naturally derived herbs and Infused Oils. Our all natural infused Traditional Remedy Oil Blends consist of natural South African oils that have been used throughout history and come from traditional recipes thought to go all the way back to the very origin of South Africa where these legendary oils are thought to be the most sought after in the world. Herbalimage oils are naturally infused releasing their herbal essence and are good for up to 2 years unopened, or up to 1 year after opening. They are ethically produced & sustained in an organic environment of their natural habitat. The oils are cold-pressed, blended & infused according to specific use. Our products are prepared with native care in a modern & monitored facility using the highest GMP standards for preparation & packaging. "Patience and Dedication are The Keys to Success when Trusting Traditional Remedies & Natural products for self-care" - HerbalImage. More »