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[8/11/20 NOTE: We have decided to close shop first to address tracking packages and making sure they reach current customers, as the post offices have been extremely unreliable in the US due to the pandemic. We will be reopening once issues have been resolved and we can be assured that we have delivered the rest of our orders. Thank you for your understanding!] [4/25/20 NOTE: Please know that shipping to the United States (and by proximity Canada and Mexico) may be delayed, due to covid. We have been getting reports of packages taking 2-3 months due to rising cases there, and local post offices have already imposed restrictions and bans for US shipping, because many US post offices are not receiving packages due to lack of transport. We apologize for the inconvenience!] I live in Asia (may reroute from HK due to covid concerns) and always ship out my dolls within 24-48 hours unless it’s weekends or holidays where the post office is closed! Welcome to deadcraft, your happy source for customized crochet dolls of just about anything that comes to mind. If you're interested in custom orders or in a particular doll that has already been sold, feel free to send a message! More »