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Welcome to YuMeBrand

Welcome to our visitors and regular customers of our store! YuMe is based on 10 years of experience in design, branding and advertising. All knowledge of the creative entrepreneur, and our team focus on creating beautiful and useful things. Only this gives us a real pleasure. We are confident, YuMe products will be something very personal, part of the style and way of life. After all, an important step is to develop a design. In this we were helped by our previous experience in the field of design and advertising. This part of the most creative and enjoyable. Each design - is the realization of our ideas, the combination of colors and shapes. One of our goals was to get really innovative product! For us it was important to find a modern equivalent of a unique material for manufacturing products YuMe. When searching for a suitable material, we were inspired by the unique properties of traditional Japanese paper ( «wasi»). After much experimentation with the materials we have found truly innovative material that meets our specifications. The result of the search was the material Tyvek is entirely consistent with WASI philosophy and we can say with confidence that you have found a modern analogue material which satisfied the set aesthetic and practical requirements for the material that we use for the manufacture of products YuMe. Brand YuMe fully adapted to the habits of modern man, living in a modern rhythm and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. YuMe Products has the ideal capacity, aesthetic appeal, and certainly quality. All products can retain heat for 1-3 hours, retain food odors and easy to maintain. All products of the brand created from safe eco-friendly materials do not contain harmful substances and recyclable. Our bags are for those who are accustomed to live in a very fast pace. Rich schedule of the day, there is little time to eat. For those who really want to find the ideal solution: combine efficiency, a healthy diet and respect for the environment, but also save your private finances. Enjoy your shopping! More »