Welcome to Tribalroom

Hello! My name is Belinda Kameya, welcome to Tribalroom, my online shop for handcrafted vegetable ivory jewelry and related items from Venice, Italyy. Tribalroom is a small atelier who manufacture fashion jewelry objects carved out from the inner seed of a palm tree, the Hyphaene Benguellensis ventraciosa, that grows in the forests of eastern Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. This material is also known as Tagua in South America. It is an eco-friendly alternative to elephant ivory and it has the creamy color and hardness similar to real ivory. The hyphaene palm seeds are hand collected when their pods, which hold the seeds, become ripe and falls. The seeds are usually dried for about six weeks by exposing them to the sun. Once the hyphaene seeds have hardened, their brown skin must be removed. Then the seeds can be cut, carved, dyed or polished to make small attractive jewelry items such as blocks, discs, beads, and droplets. Aside from jewelry items, hyphaene palm seeds are also made into figurines, buttons, pins and other small products. More »