Welcome to TimeMachineVintage

Thank you for checking out my little corner of the internet. I try very hard to make custom garments true to the period just like something you would have gotten from a local seamstress in that era. When at all possible, I use vintage buttons, buckles, metal zippers or snap closures, cotton thread and vintage seam and hem bindings and trim. One of the reasons girls choose to wear authentic vintage clothing is for the history of the piece. Someone wore it somewhere and it has a story to tell. Unfortunately, authentic vintage garments are hard to find in good condition and in a size that fits a modern frame. But don't discount a newly custom made garment. When i make a garment just for you, using a vintage pattern and vintage materials...they all have a history too. In most cases the pattern is pre-owned, someone picked out that pattern with the same care they would take in picking out an off-the-rack dress. sometimes even more thought has gone into choosing it. More »