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Thank you for stopping by to visit Pajama Joe's. My name is Cheryl Dixon and I am PJ. Everybody has a story behind a name and here is mine. When I was growing up my mom sewed most of our clothes. Most of them were very cool, but whatever gave me the idea that a small patterned flower fabric made into a pair of stovepipe style pants is beyond me. Of course, I have no fashion style, never did, and one day left for school with those pants, paired with a cream colored velour top. It was long sleeved and very warm and cozy. Well, the boys in the neighborhood made fun of me at the bus stop and said that I was wearing my pajamas. Then they started calling me Pajama Joe and it stuck. Many years later while trying to think of a name for my studio it hit me. It's unique and it just sounds right. I am a basket weaver, jewelry maker, teacher and more. Please check out my site and the links to my other pages. More »