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Modern Craft + Ancient Art = Hennaed Artifacts by Opal Moon Henna As a Professional Henna Artist, I love to create custom pieces on skin for my clients. But what's a gal to do when the creative faucet is flowing and there's no skin available? Must. Henna. All The Things!!! I love to mix henna designs with vibrant colors. An obsession with the idea of watercolor on glass led to using lightfast inks on rice paper, adhered to glass, and then embellished with henna designs and sealed with multiple layers of acrylic varnishes for permanence. Using upcycled henna paste that is no longer viable for skin, I adorn candle holders, glass jewelry, lamps, lanterns, sun catchers, ornaments, hennaed paintings, boxes, mirrors & more. I use the same techniques to embellish these items as I use to create henna designs on people. It's a double whammy where recycling creates "permanent henna" that can be enjoyed for years as a great gift or treat for yourself. More »