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!!!!SHOP SALE!!!! 25% OFF ALL ORDERS!! Automatically!! Use code FREESHIPPING for free shipping on orders over $100. My Daughter Flora Miguel died in November 2012, she choked to death while I was in school 11/01/2012. I started making jewelry because I always promised her we would make necklaces together, but then she died. She was 5 years old. Please help me bring joy to others with my creations to make my daughter’s death a new beginning instead of an ending. Please help me keep her memory alive. I specialize in creating exquisite jewelry pieces that are truly One-of-a-Kind using precious metals, genuine gemstones, and many other high quality materials. MAJESSY Jewelry is not high cost, like many other places, as I believe, firmly, that EVERYONE should be able to own beautiful things for a reasonable price. I put my heart and soul into each and every piece of jewelry that I make. My inspiration stemmed from the death of my 5 year old daughter last year, and we loved making jewelry together. I love doing this, and I promise YOU, the customer, that I will aim to please and that YOUR piece of jewelry will be truly breathtaking and inspiring to others for years to come.                                                         Always at your Service,  MAJESSY Custom Jewelry Creations More »