Welcome to Dragonsbreath

Jeff & Kim Allen. A husband and wife team. Together we are Dragon's Breath. We work together as well as separately. I make beautiful Heirloom Quality Jewelry. Every piece made with attention to detail. Using only high quality materials to make my Jewelry Art ! I want each piece I make to be as beautiful and perfect as possible. While still having the quality of being hand made. Most all of my pieces are hand fabricated. Each piece made one at a time from scratch materials. Made with love as this is truly what I love to do. Built last the test of time. I am excited about my work and enjoy immensely what I am doing. My wife, Kim makes Fine Hand Crafted pottery. She is a Fantastic potter. Very, Very talented on the potters wheel as well as in her ability to hand sculpt a wide variety of characters! Along with her great sense of humor portrayed in her one of a kind characters. She also makes commemorative items ~ To celebrate and remember events & places to mark special times and events.. With a wide selection of Happy, Funny Characters too! Each is designed to bring Smiles, Joy and Happiness. Cheers! More »