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Crystalline glazes are all one of a kind, from floating crystals to overall patterns, floral to bubbles. Whether you are looking for a gift or art piece for you, you will find this art pottery fascinating as they catch the light and glow. All my work is completely hand made, one of a time, using my own glaze recipes. I throw each piece separately so no two are ever the same. . My crystals grow in the glaze over a prolonged time, 8 to 12 hrs at 2000 degrees after melting at 2340 degree. Depending on exact temperature and hold all sorts of wonderful crystalline patterns can be achieved. You'll be able to choose vivid colors with great reflective light or soft subtle shading with iridescence and deep streaks of color. If you are seeking a unique wedding or anniversary gift then consider the white vases. If you enjoy this and want to read more about my work then please visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Daves.Crystalline.Glazes More »