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Our Founder and President’s Story Mark currently is the Founder and President of MD Organics, and currently resides in Tropical Boca Raton, Florida. He was already a successful businessman with a few different companies that he created in the past, but wanted to take his personal passion of health and wellness to the mainstream. It seemed like a logical fit when CBD Products came to market. For most of his life he has lead a Healthy Lifestyle and Natural alternatives to any health issues or ailments that arose. He witnessed the onslaught of media/lobbyist driven “Big Pharma” products that have bombarded our society in recent years and it was very upsetting to him, to say the least. “Take a pill” mentality of western medicine wasn’t an option for his lifestyle and beliefs. He was saddened that as of today, 50% of Americans take at least one prescription medication. Nearly 20% take three or more. All of these medications have to get flushed through the liver and kidneys wreaking havoc on one’s internal organs in the long run. Mark believes that God has remedies that are grown in nature for every ailment that doesn’t involve a man-made synthetic, lab created solution. Consequently, small components of these products, over time, get stuck in the fatty tissue and eventually will cause a toxic overload to your system. They might help with the initial problem, but it creates numerous future problems and a depletion of other vital nutrients in the body. For Example, one drug might help you with diabetes but depletes you of vitamin B12, Folic Acid, CoQ10, and the valuable processes that those nutrients deliver. Another drug might help you with acid reflux, but suppresses acid production, vital for protein digestion, killing bacteria, and viruses. And the list goes on and on. Essentially, you are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Some years ago when a few health issues arose, Mark started to do his research. He was already living a homeopathic, organic, and vegan lifestyle, so he wanted to seek a natural solution for these issues. He knew there was a better way! After struggling for years with depression, anxiety, and throbbing back pain, he discovered Hemp extracted CBD Oil. Initially, he bought it for his lower back pain, and didn’t expect much, like most products these days. He figured he would add it to his supplements and take it with no expectations. About two weeks later, Mark noticed that his lower back pain was reduced by about 80%, he felt a little pain, but not the constant nerve pain that was like a knife in the back 24 hours a day. It had dissipated dramatically! A week later he realized his anxiety and depression were reduced as well, a pleasant side effect he wasn’t even hoping for. Mark was so impressed with this oil that he decided to really study and research all aspects of CBD and the industry as a whole. After many months of study and research, He was so impressed with the data, that he opened his own business and now wants the World to have a chance at the good fortune he has received from CBD Oil. This is MD Organics Mission. Moreover, Mark saw that a lot of Hemp CBD Oil is not created the same. Many companies import their CBD from less regulated Countries of Europe and Asia. Because of this, He wanted to create a Five Star, Top Quality CBD Oil. He hopes you try our line of MD Organics CBD Oil Products. Give them a chance to help you with what our environment and rise and grind of daily life have taken away. More »