Welcome to BIF(Best In Field) Blankets and Leads. For well over thirty years, I competed in AKC and ASFA sanctioned dog sports with my Basenjis. Not entirely pleased with the gear I purchased in those years, I started making my own. For Competitive Obedience, items such as broad, bar and high jumps, custom made dumbbells, latigo leather leashes, Utility articles and boxes; leads, tack boxes, grooming tables and bait bags for the show ring, and slip leads and blankets for Lure Coursing. I even dabbled with some of the obstacles used in Agility. After I retired in 2010, I opened this studio in ArtFire, hoping we could reach another audience who might be interested in our stuff. I make all of the items sold in this studio, which I customized to fit your dog. No general sizes or one size fits all. I don't make or sell anything I wouldn't use with my own dogs. I also find better ways to make an item, constantly on the look out for more quality Jacquard ribbons and organic materials for the liners. In 2011, we began designing our own ribbons, using embroidery machines. We've been slow to add this unique and limitless aspect of ribbon creation. However, it is available on a limited basis. More »