Tote-A-Tee UT Longhorn Messenger Bag

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Tote-A-Tee UT Longhorn Messenger Bag

Tee shirt bags may come. And tee shirt bags may go. But Tote-A-Tee is here to stay. Fringy fun all around. Pockets to keep things organized. Three styles, the Hobo, the Tote and the Messenger. Yes, YAYAMADE will take special orders and make a bag out of your favorite tee.

Offered now is a Tote-A-Tee Messenger bag. It's gray with "The University of Texas Longhorns" printed on the flap, along with the Longhorn logo. The lining is a rust and gold floral print cottony fabric, topped with four open pockets, two on either side.

Longhorn Tote-A-Tee Messenger measures approximately 11 inches wide at the top of the bag and 14 inches wide at the bottom, not including the fringe; 8-1/2 inches high. The shoulder strap is 31 inches long, so you can wear the bag on your shoulder. You can tie a knot in the strap to shorten it.

Tote-A-Tee handbags are made from - you guessed it - tee shirts, and are lined with cottony fabrics for added color and stability. Adding to the fun, Tote-A-Tees are raw edge sewn, so you can enjoy a little fray with your fringe. The pockets inside are made from tee shirt sleeves and the shoulder straps were once the hems of the tees. All reinforced and embellished with the cottony fabrics. Each Tote-A-Tee is one-of-a-kind.
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle; trim frays; hang to dry.

YAYAMADE's Tote-A-Tee handbags are lovingly handmade, machine sewn, upcycled from tee shirts and fabrics purchased from garage sales and thrift stores. Tees and fabrics are properly washed prior to construction. Embellishments are also upcycled whenever possible. Thread is purchased new. Upcycling is YAYAMADE's way of helping to keep our little corner of the world greener.

Longhorn Tote-A-Tee Messenger, Item No. TTM6, is made in the USA, Clear Lake City, Texas, at Oak Cloister Studio and is proudly offered for sale to you by YAYAMADE for $30.00. It will ship in a bubble envelope via USPS Priority within the U.S., First Class International outside the U.S.

Approximate Price/Value: $30