Yaga MarkeTee Market Tote

Image Description
To market. To market. To market, we will go. And when we do, we'll carry our MarkeTee. Pictured here is a pale blue one called Yaga MarkeTee. If you've ever visited Galveston Island, then you know about Yaga's and this one's for you. Yaga MarkeTee boasts of Yaga's BBQ Cookoff. The other side of the Yaga MarkeTee lists the cookoff sponsors. MarkeTees are made from tee shirts that have been purchased at garage sales or thrift stores, washed, and cut and sewn to make a fun and functional market bag. All edges are finished, reinforced with zigzag or straight stitching. No raw edges. The bottoms of the MarkeTees are stitched twice for strength, and squared. MarkeTees are another upcycled product from YAYAMADE. Upcycling is YAYAMADE's way of helping to keep our little corner of the world greener. Machine wash and dry. MarkeTee bundles of two, three or four are available in separate listings and come with a drawstring pouch. The MarkeTees are rolled into a bundle and inserted into the pouch. Just throw the pouch in your trunk and you're ready for your next trip to the grocery store, farmer's market or the mall. The single MarkeTees do not come with a pouch. Yaga MarkeTee is made in the USA, Clear Lake City, Texas, at Oak Cloister Studio and is proudly offered for sale to you by YAYAMADE