Handbag Purse Floral Reversible Upcycled

Image Description
Handbag Purse Floral Reversible Upcycled Two for the price of one. That’s what you get with this lovely summery, one-of-a-kind, handbag, “Twofer”. Two bags for the price of one. Blue and white floral print and yellow and white floral. But don’t wait for summer to carry it. Carry summer with you all winter long. Both floral prints have a zippered pocket on one side. The blue and white floral sports four open pockets on the other side. The yellow and white floral touts two wide open pockets and a little pocket that’s just the right size for your favorite pen. No more digging in your bag when you need it. This double-duty “Twofer” is made from cottony drapery fabrics purchased from a local thrift store. So, beside being lovely to look at and lovely to hold, this handbag is ecofriendly. It closes with white cottony ribbons which are weighted with yellow and white wooden beads. You can opt to one-knot the ribbons or merely fold them both to one side. Either way, they drape attractively over the bag. This “Twofer” handbag measures approximately 15 inches wide, 9 inches tall and 2 inches deep. The straps are part of the bag itself and measure about 29 inches, and will hang around 14 inches off your shoulder. A nice comfy, close-to-you shoulder-bag. You may spot clean and/or wash on gentle cycle in cold water and hang to dry. YAYAMADE bags and accessories are handmade, machine sewn, and beautifully constructed with double stitching and topstitching for beauty and strength. Most are made from upcycled fabrics from clothes and yardage obtained from thrift stores. Fabrics are properly washed or cleaned prior to construction. Hardware and embellishments are also upcycled whenever possible. Interfacing and thread are purchased new. Upcycling is YAYAMADE’s way of helping to keep our little corner of the world greener. “Twofer”, Item No. Twofer1, is made in the USA, Clear Lake City, Texas, at Oak Cloister Studio and is proudly offered for sale to you by YAYAMADE