Magic Carpet Ride Handbag Purse

Image Description
Magic Carpet Ride Handbag Purse Rolled fibers woven together make a nubby textured base for this fun, sporty handbag. Filled with a blue denim lining and six roomy pockets, Magic Carpet Ride will hold all your essentials and extras. A place for everything, and everything in its place.. Magic Carpet Ride measures approximately 15 inches wide, 10-1/2 inches high and 3 inches deep. The shoulder straps are made from the same blue denim as the lining and measure 28 inches long so the bag will hang off your shoulder some 15 inches. Magic Carpet Ride is made from a home dec fabric consisting of rolled fibers that are woven together to make a nubby fabric, like throw rugs and place mats are made from. The lining, lining pockets and straps are made from blue denim. All fabrics were purchased from local thrift stores. So your bag is not only fun and sporty but also ecofriendly. This bag should be spot cleaned and/or dry cleaned. YAYAMADE bags and accessories are handmade, machine sewn, and beautifully constructed with double stitching and topstitching for beauty and strength. Most are made from upcycled fabrics from clothes and yardage obtained from thrift stores. Fabrics are properly washed or cleaned prior to construction. Hardware and embellishments are also upcycled whenever possible. Interfacing and thread are purchased new. Upcycling is YAYAMADE’s way of helping to keep our little corner of the world greener. Magic Carpet Ride, Item No. REC1, is made in the USA, Clear Lake City, Texas, at Oak Cloister Studio and is proudly offered for sale to you by YAYAMADE