1 chocolate world cup soccer inspired 3x4 number lollipops lollipop

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PLEASE INQUIRE - I HAVE MORE ITEMS IN THIS CHARACTER Many of my items are sold individually unless specifically stated 3pc, 5pc, designer box set, etc. All my items are made fresh per order and ship 3 weeks after payment for regular price. PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIOR TO PURCHASE IF YOU NEED THEN TO SHIP IN LESS THEN 3 WEEKS sapphirechocolates@yahoo.com 307/899-0500 - please feel free to text any hour of the day, especially for rush orders (under 3 weeks) please contact me with the following information for a full price quote with shipping information * event date * which lollipop design (molded head, edible decal 3" round, etc.) * quantity * state * zip code If your chocolates are needed sooner, please contact me prior to ordering, and I will try to accommodate your event date however rush fees may apply therefore price quotes are highly recommended prior to purchase to avoid disappointments All chocolates are shipped USPS priority mail year round. Some states I may ship UPS in July/August due to their state's extreme temperatures. In warmer months, I do offer Styrofoam lined boxes with ice packs and Styrofoam coolers with ice packs in which I will check weather.com for the states traveled thru and recommend which option in my price quote Refunds/Cancellations: I do not offer refunds nor cancellations however if your order has not yet been made, you will be offered store credit on a future order when your order can ship 3 weeks from order details being given. If you purchased and thought your were buying a mold and your order has not been made you will be offered store credit so please know what you are purchasing :-) Loss/Breakage Insurance: I spare no expense on shipping materials therefore I rarely have breakage however I do offer breakage insurance so that your broken items may be refunded immediately from me. Since I ship everything priority mail the USPS automatically offers loss and breakage insurance up to 50.00 at no additional charge however you will have to file a claim at usps.com for this complimentary insurance from USPS Copyright: All copyrights and trademarks of the character images used or mentioned in the titles belong to their respective owners and are not being sold. I am only inspired by the characters. This item is not a licensed product and I do not claim ownership over the characters used in my designs. The price you pay goes towards the labor, product, and creativity used to create and personalize this product for you. Please feel free to contact me at any of the following choices below especially if you do not see your character/theme - I have over 6300 chocolates that may not all be listed due to many new characters and creations being made daily. I look forward to speaking with you and working diligently on making your vision a reality :-) Sapphire Chocolates sapphirechocolates@yahoo.com 307/899-0500 - please feel free to text any hour of the day, especially for rush orders (under 3 weeks)
Approximate Price/Value: $2.25