ANCIENT METAL ART, The primitive line, Seraphinite gemstone, copper patina handforged rustic hammered and burned ring

Image Description
Natural Autumn Colors, forest green and silvery shine.. Plain copper handforged ring, with a natural seraphinite stone. Forest green and silvery leaves, seraphinite is one of the most wonderful natural gemstones. Totaly natural, mined in Siberia, it is hard to picture the pearly chatoyance of this stone I made this ring with only simple tools, hammered it to give it a nice texture, and burned it to a warm deep rosey and black color. The beautiful patina was achieved through flame and fire, without any use of chemicals. The copper is left untreated, so the patina will continue to develop over time. The size is US-7. The seraphinite bead measures 8mmx8mm
Approximate Price/Value: $19