Forbidden Fruits, The Snake in the Garden of Eden, mixed media handmade art focal pendant, necklace made of semi precious gemstone beads, polymer clay

Image Description
The Snake and the Forbidden Fruits in Eden. A stunning art necklace, completely handmade by me. A polymer clay snake, swirled around a copper, brass and gemstone tree. I used a black serpentine jade carved bead for the base, symbolizing earth. A red fire agate close to the snakes heart. Flaming red agates for the passion. Fluorite lantern beads in teal blue and lavender with brass petals are the forbidden fruits. And fossil and snakeskin jaspers. A brass chain, and a lucky hand and fish toggle clasp to keep you safe from evil eye. The lenght is approx 58cm, 22-1/2inch. The pendant adds another 3inches, 8cm.