The Victorian

Image Description
I titled this custom work 'Camille'. I designed this panel and used it as the 'avatar' on my store front because it is my personal favorite. At the center of the panel is a 1-inch multi-faceted cut clear jewel. Surrounding the jewel are 12 clear bevels, which form a flower-like cluster. Around the flower are 2 borders. The first border is constructed of 8 pieces of cut clear glue chip glass alternated with 4 diamond-shaped cut pieces of iridized glass. The second border is constructed 8 pieces of light green beveled glass, which conform to the design of the flower center. The corners are filled with 8 additional cut pieces of iridized glass to bring the panel to a 13 x 13 inch square. The panel is supported by a 1/2 inch zinc border. That's 1 jewel, 20 bevels, and 20 pieces of cut glass!!