The Hamilton

Image Description
I titled this exquisite custom work 'The Hamilton'. I designed the entire panel, and it won a 1st place award at our local fair. The bevel cluster at the center consists of 20 clear bevels. surrounding the center cluster are 16 cut glue chip glass pieces, which give the appearance of 'ice'. Imbedded in this section are 6 beveled stars. Surrounding the glue chip glass is a clear water glass border, which consists of 10 cut glass pieces. As a border to this panel, I used 34 clear bevels. In case you weren't counting...that's a total of 60 bevels and 26 cut glass sections! The panel is supported by internal wires embedded in the solder seams and a 3/4 inch zinc border. The entire panel measures 1 1/2 feet x 4 feet. It is a unique design because it can be used with the 4-foot sides as the width as in picture 1 or as the height as in picture 2.
Approximate Price/Value: $950