14 Fur Buddy Flannel Joggers, special holiday pricing.

Image Description
I just could not resist making up these flannel joggers with the snowman. I washed and dried the flannel so there shouldn't be much shrinkage.

Their are no snaps, Velcro or buckles. It just slips over their head, front legs next, and hind legs last. When it's time to take the jogger off just reverse the process. The chest is made 1 1/2" to 2" larger then measurement to allow the front legs easy entry. This jogger will fit dog with a back length of 14.5" and a a chest 18" to 20" give or take.

It is most important to get accurate measurements and if you need any help please don't hesitate to email me. When dressing your dog for the first time it is important to go slow and make the experience pleasant..guide their feet in just as you would a small child's hand. You don't want their nails to get caught and cause pain as you insert them in the legs or your will have a battle on your hands for a long time. I have three hairless that I dress each day and they all lift their paw to help get dressed:>))

I make the cuffs on my joggers a little roomier for just this reason. I also keep my legs a little shorter to allow potty breaks in wet grass. That way you don't have to change the jogger each time they head out in the rain. If you want your legs longer just let me know.
This is a unisex cut for both boys and girls...there is no need to remove for potty trips outside.

Custom orders are..as always...welcome...just not in this fabric..this is all that is available and priced accordingly.

Thank you for looking.
Approximate Price/Value: $8