24K gold plated cuff links vintage jewelry 10pcs/lot

Image Description
Beadsnice 24K gold plated cuff links are tailor-made for men.The cuff links are vintage jewelry and in hot sale in our store.Personalize cuff links for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, wedding events, graduations and more.The outward appearance is exquisite.The cuff links look luxury because the 24K gold plated color is made by real vacuum.You can choose the suitable color for him,including 14K gold plated,18K gold plated,20K gold plated or any color you like.Cuff links will not fade in two to three years.It is good for you to use them longer. 24K gold plated cuff links vintage jewelry 10pcs/lot Vacuum real gold plating, More than 2 microns thick, cuff links, Brass, cufflink backs, Inside diameter:16mm, sold by Bag Beadsnice ID 23653 Weight: 30gram Size:16mm Quantity:10pcs/lot You can choose any other you want,and then let us know.We will send you the right color.
Approximate Price/Value: $18.08