Wide Exquisite Peyote Native American Style Beaded Hatband

Image Description
PEYOTE GEOMETIC DESIGN IN RICH EARTHTONE COLORS Custom Order Beaded Hatband for repeat customer Richard Nations, of Texas. THIS PARTICULAR HATBAND WAS PRE-ORDERED 8/6/2011, BY RICHARD NATIONS, AND IS NOW COMPLETED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE SIMILAR TO THIS, PLEASE CONTACT ME TO BEAD YOU ONE, AS THERE IS CURRENTLY NOT ONE AVAILABLE, OR MADE UP. See description of hat band below. This hat band designed and hand beaded by myself personally, using the peyote stitch instead of on my oak loom. Its odd count peyote, giving it a natural curve for a crown of a hat. Peyote beading is like brick laying, only picking up one little bead at a time, and getting the bead to rest in between two beads from the previous row. Peyote is very labor intense. This one took approximately 60 hours to complete. A WORK OF ART ~ HEIRLOOM! This hat band is the widest hatband I have beaded. Completed it finished at 1 7/16" wide, with 647 rows, incorporating 8,735 individual size 11/0 quality Delica glass seed beads, in six colors of Rich Cream, Black, Lt.Cream, Lt. Olive Matte, Med. Brown Rust and Turquoise. This one will finished at 23 ¼" in length with Natural deer hide tabs and deer hide matching ties. This is an exquisite piece of beadwork, meticoulously hand~beaded for Richard Nations of Texas. A Custom Order beaded hatband, to fit hat size 7 1/8. Each of my completed hatbands, comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity with my signature, date, and future contact information. LET ONE OF MY HAT BANDS GIVE NEW LIFE TO YOUR HAT. Richard has now done it twice. Thanks Richard!! This one made a statement and a half! Exquisite!! EMAL FROM BUYER AFTER PURCHASE ARRIVED Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 From: Richard Nations Subject: Hatband Arrived To: beadedhatbands@hotmail.com Andrea The Wide Exquisite Peyote hatband arrived today. I can't express how happy we are with its beauty, and the fit was right on. Nothing could be closer to perfect !!! The colors match perfectly with my blue/gray, high crown, Montana campaign crease hat. As you suggested, I secured the drawstrings with a square knot and tacked the hatband in three locations to prevent it from moving. My wife is in awe. Thanks again for the quality craftsmanship and the fast turnaround on this heirloom piece of art. Regards Richard L. (Dick) Nations, CSM, U.S. Army (Ret)
Approximate Price/Value: $425