Replica of Santiago Archuleta Rio Grande 1913' Hat Band, Native American Design

Image Description
Accurate reproduction of the hat band obtained from Santiago Archuleta on the Rio Grande, 1913'. I was inspired to bead this hat band by viewing photos of the Vintage Original hat band from the book, I purchased Beading in the Native American Tradition "A WORK OF ART ~ HEIRLOOM!" This one I patterned after photos of the vintage Native American beadwork piece, obtained from Santiago Archuleta on the Rio Grande in 1913', but without the hairlocks. It is hand beaded on my handmade oak loom, by myself personally. This one takes about 20 hours to complete. It is 19-lines wide, finishing at 7/8" wide, with 343 rows, incorporating 6,517 individual size 15/0 quality glass seed beads, in six colors of gold lined white translucent, cobalt blue, red, yellow and light blue, for my accurate reproduction. Finished with Natural deer hide tabs and ties and 23 1/4", in length. This accurate reproduction is a beautiful beaded hat band and will compliment and fit hat sizes 7 1/8 and larger. This hat band, patterned by myself, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Card, with a guarantee of being meticulously handmade by me, entirely on my bead loom with my signature and date, and future contact information. "LET ONE OF MY BEADED HATBANDS GIVE NEW LIFE TO YOUR HAT"
Approximate Price/Value: $200