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TEXAS CORAL SNAKE BEADED HAT BAND THIS ONE WAS A CUSTOM ORDER. If you'd like one like this please contact me to bead you one. This hat band designed and hand beaded by myself personally, using the peyote stitch instead of on my oak loom. It's odd count peyote, giving it a natural curve for a crown of a hat. The peyote is like brick laying, only picking up one little bead at a time, and getting the bead to rest in between two beads from the previous row. Peyote is very labor intense. This one took about 20 hours to complete. "A WORK OF ART ~ HEIRLOOM!" This one I patterned after the photo of the very colorful Texas Coral Snake. This hat band completed is 9/16" wide, with 635 rows, incorporating 3,493 individual size 11/0 quality "Delica" glass seed beads, in three colors of Yellow, Black, and Dark Red. This one finishes at 23" in length with Black deer hide tabs and a long deer hide matching tie. This is an exquisite piece of beadwork. Currently, A one-of-a-kind beaded hat band and will compliment and fit hat sizes 7 1/8 and larger. (Can custom make to length you require) Inspiration / Story behind this Product: I was contacted through my Artfire inbox, wanting a cuctom made beaded hatband in the colors and pattern of a Texas coral snake. It is different than the Arizona Coral Snake. Body encircled by wide red and black rings separated by narrow yellow rings. Head uniformly black from tip of blunt snout to just behind eyes. Random black spots scattered in red rings. Scales smooth and shiny. Making the hat band usine Peyote stitch instead of loom, makes it look like the snakes pattern, as it's coloring has the off set zipper look, rather than a straight line.
Approximate Price/Value: $170