Global War on Terrorisn~US Air Force Military Ribbon Beaded Hat Band

Image Description
THIS HATBAND WAS A CUSTOM ORDER, and HAS BEEN SOLD. IF YOU WISH TO ORDER YOUR OWN PERSONAL MILITARY RIBBON HATBAND PLEASE CONTACT ME, though my inbox, or click on this hat band in MY GALLERY. The photos in this listing, show the stages of the beadwork being completed. Shown, beading on my loom, hat band off loom, with your color choice of leather deerhide ends attached, and finally on hat. The total price for designing and completing YOUR HATBAND (with ANY changes from this one pictured) would be US $150.00. One the same, or with one ribbon change would be $130.00. The Price listed US $130.00 is the balance due upon completion after deducting initial customers non-refundable deposit of US $20.00 (US postal money order), mailed for designing ribbons, buying beads and starting custom hatband. US Air Force and Global War on Terrorism Military Medal Ribbon Beaded Hat Band Accurate Reproduction of U.S. Military Service Medals for Active Service Men or Women or Veterans of the Global War on Terrorism Conflict. A great way to display the pride for serving the USA, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and everyday, when not in uniform! One of my Original America Military Ribbon Designs. All my beaded hat bands are individually hand beaded on my handmade oak loom, by myself personally. A WORK OF ART ~ HEIRLOOM! This one was a CUSTOM DESIGN, I patterned from the U.S.A.s original U.S. Military Service Medal Ribbon Bars for serviceman Buzz Smith, US Air Force Reserve. The five Medals he chose to include on his hat band are the, Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with V, Global War on Terror Expeditionary, Global war on Terror Service Medal, and the Air Force Expeditionary with Gold Border. This hat band is 1/2" Wide (To scale of original sized 3/8" medal ribbon bars), including the border and is 11-lines (beads) wide, 351 rows, incorporating 3,861 size 15/0 quality glass seed beads, in ten colors of Red, White, 3 shades of Blue, 2 shades of Yellow, Bronze Metallic, 24 kt. Gold plated, and the Bronze Metallic Matte border. Very fine and intricate (but sturdy), with the look and feel of fabric. Beadwork with deerhide tabs finishes as 23 1/4" long. You then have added length with leather tie to attach hat band around hat. This beautiful Custom original hand-loomed beaded hat band is a great and unique piece. You and everyone who sees it will be impressed with the quality of this hatband and you will be proud to wear it on your hat. This one will fit all hats sizes 7 1/8 and larger. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST.
Approximate Price/Value: $130