TNGUN Hand Dyed Premium Angora Mohair Black Brown 6/10ths oz

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TNGUN Hand Dyed Premium Angora Kid Mohair Black/Brown 6/10ths ounce kinky curly. Locks are 6-7 inches long.

HALF ounce of beautiful, soft and shiny angora 1st clip kid mohair for reborn baby dolls or other mohair crafts. This hair is black/brown in color and GORGEOUS! The photo of the rooted dolls above show how this hair looks rooted sparse as well as thick. This is perfect AA hair!

~TNGUN mohair Info~

I have been reborning life like baby dolls since the spring of 2005 and have only ever purchased raw hair from the same Oregon farm as I find it to be the absolute ~Best~ Premium Angora mohair on the earth.

This gorgeous mohair is always soft and silky, never brittle, and has a lustrous shine. I promise that this hair is not loaded down with a bunch of conditioners that make it gorgeous at first only to disappoint later. This hair does not need all of those heavy conditioners and remains beautiful throughout the rooting process and for many years after you send the doll on to it's adoptive mommy.

This premium mohair lies flat, is not frizzy or flyaway.

The curly hair is lovely no matter what amount of curl it has.

Most of the locks are between 5-7 inches and when processed, there is a light colored band ring at the cut end of the lock. I hate to cut it off as when I root as I like that extra length to hang on to.

Each and every lock is handled and processed on an individual basis. I do not just dump it all into the washer for dying! In fact, I do not use the washer and I only use Acid Dyes made for mohair fibers.

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Approximate Price/Value: $42