RHAPSODY BLUES set3 tile digital collage 1x1, 2x2, 2 file set

Image Description
RHAPSODY BLUES, original images in bright colors, rich textures, highly detailed, digital collage sheets, printable download, jpg file, 300dpi

RHAPSODY BLUES 4x6 TILE, scrabble, set3, 2 FILE SET

Shorn Sheep Original and Unique Digital Collage Sheet Printables

1x1 and 2x2, tile, scrabble, digital collage sheet, download printable, SET OF 2 FILES in a 4x6 and 8x10 print size

Please note: you receive 2 jpeg files with this purchase

These are original and one of a kind. Let your projects stand out with unique and vivid designs listed no where else. These are digital collages from various scanned or photographed sources. Original one of a kind graphic art collage sheets with rich textures, brocades, tapestries, vintage metal boxes. The vivid colors and highly detailed textures of these images will make your projects stand out from the crowd.

RHAPSODY BLUES collection: vintage lace, light grunge, detailed textures and amazing details grace these vivid images. They have bold colors of indigo blue, rich navy, teal blues, with highlights and accents of red, gold, silver, green, turquoise, neutrals, oranges, mints and much more. Bright, bold, colorful bursts for use in your altered art, mixed media, bottlecap pendants, magnets and handmade jewelry.

All images are handmade original digital art collages created by Melba McFadden of Shorn Sheep Printables. These are new and unique. Vintage textures, wallpapers, fabrics, vintage ties, antique lace, metal boxes and ephemera scraps are scanned or photographed by me and digitally altered and collaged to create unique designs in modern, trendy, and current color schemes based on up to date color forecasts.

Designed to be printed as 4x6 or centered on an 8x10. Two files are sent so you have both options for printing. From the two files, you will be able to print images in a 1 inch or a 2 inch size.

2 jpeg files are sent as an email attachment 12 to 48 hours after payment. The 4x6 file can be printed on 4x6 photo paper for 1x1 images or printed by resizing on A4 or 8.5x11 for 2x2 images. The other file is the 4x6 sheet centered on a full size canvas for A4 and 8.5x11 sized papers for 1x1 size images.

All files are designed at 300dpi for crisp detailed prints. Images are restored and enhanced if needed for nice crisp and highly detailed prints.

Uncompressed jpeg files are sent as email attachment after payment. Jpeg files are converted from the master png file before being emailed so there is no loss of image quality or pixelation. If ever there are any problems with the files, or with an image on the sheets, just email me, let me know the problems, and I will fix the file and send another copy as soon as possible.

These are designed at slightly over 1 inch that will fit 1 inch OR 2 inch circles or tiles, scrabble tiles, glass tiles, magnets, buttons and many other projects. There is slight edge overage so they are no white edges on your finished projects.

You may use these images for your personal crafts and for items you make for resale. You may not distribute the file in its entirety or any part or use it in any digital compilation.

Digital files can be used for bottle caps, pendants, magnets, collage, scrapbooking, altered art, scrabble tiles, dominoes, mixed media, assemblages and much more.

Sent as file attachment to your email address listed in payment invoice 12 to 24 hours after payment if not sooner.
Approximate Price/Value: $3.95