DARK NIGHT RAVENS, Altered Art Hang tags, no.2

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DARK NIGHT RAVENS, Altered Art Hang tags, BLUE RAVENS No.2

This is for 6 hang tags of VINTAGE RAVENS AND CROWS Altered and digitally collaged. The backgrounds of the tags are a DEEP BLUE NIGHT STARRY SKY with lots of texture and details drawn and created by me with GIMP photo software.

All of our hang tags are packaged in a clear cellophane bag that is resealable. These are perfect for giving as gifts themselves!

They are aprox. 1.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches long. The cardstock they are printed on is archival quality and always the highest grade and weight that I have in stock. Each image is altered and collaged from a wide collection of vintage, antique, and modern sources.

These can be used for marvelous gift tags, given as gifts, used as hang tags for items, and used in scrapbooking - just to name a few ideas. There are unlimited ways to use these tags - only limited by your imagination.

If you are wanting a custom set, I can change the images however you might want - color, theme, or mix and match sets - just ask and I will get a custom set designed just for you!

I design each of the tags from images collected from vintage, antique, collectible and a very select few modern books, vintage advertising, and pretty much any thing that we think looks cool. Then I collage and digitally create each image. It takes many hours to get each image just the way I want it.

The hang tags are printed with full rich ink saturation on thick weight archival card stock and then hand cut out and the edges trimmed and a hang string added. The hang string could vary from picture. I only use vintage, antique and rare fibers for my hang strings. If you have a particular color hang string or fiber you are wanting, please let me know and I will find one in my extensive collection of fiber that suits you for free.

Thank you so much for looking at our items. We add new items often!

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Approximate Price/Value: $3.19