ROYAL COURT OF THE FLOWERS whimsy image download printable

Image Description
French vintage illustration prints by J.J. Grandville, 1845 to 1870, as digital png, jpeg download files. Jpeg, png and png with transparency files of image are included in listing. 3 highly detailed 300dpi attachments in set. Other file formats or image sizes on request. Personal and commercial use.

Digital download printable file of vintage French illustrations and images, personal and commercial use, 3 files, jpeg, png and png with transparency.

3 files sent as email attachment after payment; jpeg, png with white background and png with transparent background. Very crisp, sharp and detailed files that are ready to use for many different crafting or home decor do it yourself projects.

VEGGIES AND FLOWERS ROYAL COURT, what really goes on in the garden when you aren't looking, surreal anthropomorphic flowers and garden vegetables, vintage French illustrations from 1845. Fun and whimsical detailed graphic designs.

These illustrations are from vintage antique French books. The detailed images make marvelous framed prints for home decoration. Numerous uses for these digital files such as: tote bags, fabric transfers, iron on transfers, needlework patterns, throw pillows, burlap feed sack transfers, scrapbooking, tea towels, mixed media, digital collage, altered art and much more. These image files have endless uses for many diy projects.

Digital download image 300dpi, centered on letter or A4 size canvas. These images are perfect for iron on and fabric image transfers. 3 files are sent, jpeg, opaque white background png and transparent background png.

If you need another file format just let us know. We can save files in any format that exists such as: svg, ai, eps, xcf, png, jpeg, jpg, tiff. Pdf files are not recommended due to poor quality of images with that file format. Just let us know if you need something different than a jpeg, png and transparent png.

Some designs will work with reverse values for dark fabrics or backgrounds. We can do that for you if you do not have graphic art software available. If you want an exact size for the image we will gladly resave the image or illustration to your specifications.

These large format single images are wonderful for iron on transfers, t-shirts and clothing, tote bags, quilt blocks, tea towels, burlap, greeting cards, home decoration prints, scrapbooking, mixed media, altered art, collage, framed art, nursery wall print, wedding supplies, diy party decoration, throw pillows, needlework patterns, and much more.

Files are jpeg, png with white background, and transparent background png, saved at 300dpi, centered on 8x10 to 8.5x11 canvas either portrait or landscape. They are sent to payment email address as a file attachment 12 to 48 hours after payment.

These digital image transfers are from 600 to 1200dpi scans of vintage and antique books and ephemera. They are cropped and digitally enhanced and some are hand colored before or digitally after scanning. Each image is painstakingly cleaned up, fixed and cropped to 300dpi letter size canvas for ease of printing. These are amazingly sharp and crisp which make for highly detailed prints and fabric transfers.

Buying this digital file gives you the right to print the image as many times as you need for personal use. You may also use the image for tangible items for resale.

Resale or redistribution of this image in media form is not permitted in any manner.

All images c. ShornSheep, Melba McFadden, 2010. Every image has been enhanced, cleaned, cropped, and edited extensively by ShornSheep, Melba McFadden.

Sent as file attachment to your email address listed in payment invoice 12 to 48 hours after payment if not sooner.
Approximate Price/Value: $3