ANIMAL PARADE, 1x1 inch tile pendant, digital collage sheet

Image Description
Digital collage sheet, ANIMAL PARADE, Fun Whimsical Quirky Animal Illustrations, from antique books illustrated by J.J. Grandville, the father of Surrealism and anthropomorphic Fantasy and wit

ANIMAL PARADE, 1x1 inch tile, whimsical animal portraits in digital collage sheets, full size 8x10, A4 page

1 inch tiles scrabble pendants, bottlecaps, 1x1, digital collage sheet, download printable

These are a variety of colorplates, engravings, lithographs, illustrations and woodcuts from Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard aka, J.J. Grandville. The images are from Les Metamorphoses du jour, Un Autre Monde, Fables of La Fontaine, Les petites misères de la vie humaine, Gravures, Le Diable a Paris and many others.

Grandville's anthropomorphic creatures, fantastical creatures, outrageous caricatures and rebellious vegetables have grabbed my mind lately. Many different mixed media and digital collages are in the works. A complete collection of almost every illustration Grandville created is also being made into hang tags and prints. Look for them, or ask me about them if you are interested. Many sets are done but ads just haven't been written yet.

J.J. Grandville inspires any lover of Steampunk, anthropomorphism, fantasy, surrealism or Neo Victorian genre. Many of Grandville's images would be amazing in a nursery or for home décor. Once you study these amazing creations, you will want more and more. If you would like any of these prints for framing please ask me and I will create a listing for the exact Grandville image and size of print you are needing.

For many of these images, I have hand colored, enhanced or collaged together digitally. I have every book that J.J. Grandville worked on, and am working on several sets of digital files, prints, and hang tags all based on his work. Please ask any questions you have if you would like more information on this amazing artist. His wit, intelligence and creativity is overwhelming.

All images are handmade mixed media and digital art collages from vintage and antique illustrations, cropped, sized, and enhanced by Melba McFadden of Shorn Sheep Printables.

Each page is scanned at 600dpi to 1200dpi from vintage or antique books of my personal collection. All images are in the public domain and are under no copyrights, other than my own due to hand coloring and original digital manipulations. Each file is cropped, edited, color corrected and scaled to size. Concentrated attention is given to the cropping and placement of each detailed high resolution illustration, photograph, etching, engraving, woodcut or image.

300dpi, 8x10 jpeg file, digital collage printable sheet. High resolution and amazing detailing. Print over and over for all your paper crafting projects.

Designed on 8x10 canvas for perfect printing on A4 or standard 8.5x11 media of your choice. This is a full size sheet with all different images. We have sets of all our images in circles, tiles, domino, microscope slides and ACEO sizes. If you want a custom size, just let us know and we can get a digital sheet designed to your specifications and needs.

All files are designed at 300dpi for crisp detailed prints. Images are restored and enhanced if needed for nice crisp and highly detailed prints.

Uncompressed jpeg files are sent as email attachment after payment. Jpeg files are converted from the master png file before being emailed so there is no loss of image quality or pixelation. If ever there are any problems with the files, or with an image on the sheets, just email me, let me know the problems, and I will fix the file and send another copy as soon as possible.

These are designed at slightly over 1 inch that will fit 1x1 circles or tiles, bottlecaps, pebbles, scrabble tiles, glass tiles, magnets, buttons and many other projects. There is slight edge overage so they are no white edges on your finished projects.

You may use these images for your personal crafts and for items you make for resale. You may not distribute the file in its entirety or any part or use it in any digital compilation.

Digital files can be used for bottle caps, pendants, magnets, collage, scrapbooking, altered art, scrabble tiles, dominoes, mixed media, assemblages and much more.

Sent as file attachment to your email address listed in payment invoice 12 to 24 hours after payment if not sooner.
Approximate Price/Value: $4.95