New Brown Porcupine Quill and Glass Bead Earrings

Image Description
Up for sale is a new pair of earrings made of brown Porcupine Quills and gold and misty blue glass beads. My quills come from porcupine sheddings, not killing the animal. All my crafts with animal parts are animal friendly. I never kill the animal or hurt it in any way to get a part. If I have made something with a body part, the animal has passed naturally. Most of the quills are died and each one of them take on it's own shade of the color. All natural materials are cleaned and sanitary. The best part of using natural materials is the unique fact that they are never the same. You always have a one of a kind pair of earrings. At 2" from top to bottom, they would be a very pretty addition to your earring collection.
Approximate Price/Value: $5