Picnic Watermelon Candle Mat Penny Rug Ants Flowers Blanket PATTERN

Image Description
Up for sale is my exclusive design, a candle mat with watermelons, ants, blanket, flowers and vines PATTERN. This project only takes a day to finish. No matter what colors you choose, this will bring warmth to your heart on a winter day. The perfect way to protect your furniture and be most fire proof would be to make it with wool felt. Finished size is 10 1/2" wide. This pattern will be sent in the mail by USPS. Thank-you for looking and God Bless. Happy Hunting! Please visit my other sites: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockysUniqueCreation?ref=si_shop ...new pet necklaces, new handmade necklaces, new bracelets, new applique shirts, vintage jewelry, antiques, new .925 sterling jewelry, new bottle cap jewelry w/o glass, www.RockysUniqueCreations.artfire.com ...new paper art jewelry, new key chains, new book marks, new and old completed cross stitch, new sea glass jewelry, seasonal goodies, new and old pins, new money plant jewelry, new bottle cap jewelry with high fidelity glass... www.bonanza.com/booths/CreativeCrafts ...handbags, new beaded jewelry, new photography, freebies with purchase, stamps, new feather dragonflies, tins and bottles, new and old shell crafts, new gift certificates, new purse or zipper or phone charms http://www.zibbet.com/RockysUniqueCreations ...new animal parts jewelry, patches, new porcupine quill crafts, new feather earrings, new walking canes and sticks, new fiber bead jewelry, new parts from plants jewelry, new and old crochet' items, other great stuff http://RockysUniqueCreations.dawanda.com ...Everything beautifully hand made. http://shop.ebay.com/cantdowithoutstuff/m.html ...anything http://yardsellr.com/yardsale/Roxsanne-Johnson-499977 ...anything
Approximate Price/Value: $9.5