Natural Stone Beaded Earrings, Southwest Colors Style, Red Blue Amber

Image Description
Beaded earrings with semiprecious red jasper, blue sodalite, and honey colored quartz are accented with sterling silver for a Southwest feel. The natural stones evoke the red earth, burnished rocks, bright sun, and deep blue skies of the high mountain and desert Southwest. The stones show their natural earthy (or sky-y) colors in beads that are not treated or dyed. Red jasper is a dark brick earthy red color. Sodalite comes in a wide range of blue tones, here it is a cobalt or what we used to call "air force" blue. "Golden quartz" is a pretty amber shade but not as clear as amber gems. The golden quartz stones used in these earrings are a honey color with darker and lighter shades swirled throughout. I chose red jasper semiprecious gemstone beads in a rice or "pipe" shape. The beads have a lovely smooth shape and shiny polish. The sodalite beads are small, 4mm rounds. They nestle between the bottom of the red jasper and the top of the quartz stones. The honey colored quartz beads are 8mm rounds. They are the widest bead in the design. I've placed them at the bottom of the dangle where they'll act a bit like a pendulum, lending graceful motion to the earrings when worn. The three stones are separated with sterling silver spacer beads whose visible edge looks like tiny dots of silver. The red jasper, blue sodalite, and honey colored quartz dangle measures about 33mm long (1.25 inches). I made a simple French hook style ear wire of sterling silver. Its unobtrusive shape and bright finish allows the richly colored natural stone beaded dangle to draw all of the attention. The earrings are not long - they'll hang about 1 7/8-inches (46mm) - but they have plenty of color and style. Bold Southwest style for the not-so-bold and more petite wearer. * Natural stone beaded earrings have rich color: red, blue, amber * Colors evoke American Southwest style * Genuine red jasper, sodalite, and quartz stones * Handcrafted sterling silver ear wires for pierced ears * Total length is 1 7/8-inches or about 46mm
Approximate Price/Value: $26