Kyanite Gemstone "Gazing Ball" Earrings

Image Description
These wire wrapped earrings feature interesting blue kyanite stones suspended on bright sterling silver loops. The kyanite is a pretty medium blue color with swirls of darker and lighter blue in a cat's eye effect called chatoyance. The stones are so interesting to look at - hypnotizing, even, that I thought to call them "gazing ball" earrings after the garden features. My design displays the kyanite beads, 10mm in diameter, on long classical urn-shaped wire loops of brightly polished sterling silver. The silver is a nice match for the chatoyant flashes in the kyanite. The stones are secured on the wire in such a way that they can turn to show off the shimmering quality. The wire and gemstones dangle swings on sterling silver rings and a short hook style ear wire. The silver and blue colors and the long swinging style of these artisan earrings suggests them as a winter accessory you'll enjoy wearing to a party or any time. * Wire wrapped gemstone dangle earrings for pierced ears * Blue Kyanite with interesting chatoyance * Overall length is 2-inches (about 50mm) Kyanite is an interesting stone with varied uses. It is mined in the US, France, and India as well as other places around the world. It is often blue but also comes in green and grey. Some gem quality blue kyanite is very clear deep blue and may be mistaken for sapphire although it is softer. Kyanite is used in steel making and ceramics for very high temperature performance. It might even be in your car's spark plugs!
Approximate Price/Value: $52