Artisan Earrings, Navy Denim Blue Sodalite, Sterling Silver

Image Description
Mottled blue sodalite stones in shades of navy blue, denim, and sky blue are suspended from brightly polished sterling silver artisan crafted ear wires in these long dangle earrings. Two square-shaped sodalite stones and one small round sodalite bead form an articulated dangle that is 1 5/8-inches long. The blue sodalite squares measure 12mm to a side (1/2-inch) and are about 4-5mm thick. One square sodalite bead is strung alone on sterling silver wire with loops at each end. Below this bead hangs another square sodalite stone that is decorated with a tiny sterling silver bead at the top and a sterling silver spacer and small 4mm round sodalite bead at the bottom. Because of the joint between the two square beads, the dangle will move with your movements and sometimes the squares will face frontward and sometimes they'll face to the side. The natural stone beads are a beautiful shade of predominately navy blue on a whitish grey ground. The square beads display the dark blue color in marked streaks or bands while the little round sodalite beads are more uniform in color and a slightly lighter shade of blue tending toward faded denim or sky blue. The stones have a high polish that is enhanced by the bright sterling silver wire and accents. To contrast with the square beads and the long dangle design, I made a curvy short ear wire for these sodalite earrings. The ear wire is just about ¾-inch long. The hanging loop for the gemstone dangle has been shaped into an open spiral. After forming the ear wires, I hammered them to set the shape and stiffen them for wearing. I then polished them to a bright finish paying careful attention to softening the wire end. * Navy blue mottled sodalite gemstone beads * Sterling silver handcrafted ear wire with spiral loop feature * Sterling silver accents * 2 7/16-inches overall length (about 61mm) These pretty sodalite long dangle earrings are a good match for your casual day wardrobe. The blue color is perfect for pairing with denim, that's for sure, but just like your favorite blue jeans, these earrings will go with anything.
Approximate Price/Value: $30