Minimalist Design Copper Wire and Tumbled Stone Necklace Leather Cord

Image Description
A smooth earthy green tumbled quartzite stone is simply embellished with copper wire in this minimalist leather cord necklace. The necklace, "Distant Mountains", was inspired by the view across South Park Colorado from my home in the southern end of the park. The sage green tumbled stone is speckled with lighter green and earthy brown much like the countryside here. A simple copper wire zig-zag lies atop the stone like the profile of the distant mountains that encircle South Park. I tumbled polished the quartzite stone. When this particular batch of stones was finished (5 weeks in process!) I sorted them and found this stone. I liked the shape: a slightly asymmetrical oval. I liked its smooth texture and semi gloss shine. I drilled two holes in the stone so that I could hang it horizontally within a necklace instead of as a pendant. I used pure copper wire to form hanging loops at each hole centering the distant mountain motif on the face of the green quartzite stone. The copper wire design has been hammered flat and polished to a high shine. Hammer marks show adding to the rustic appeal. The tumbled stone and copper wire focal element hangs between the ends of a thin brown leather cord that is doubled and knotted to hand forged copper hook and eye closure. The brown leather complements the speckled pale green quartzite stone. The leather cord and natural stone necklace is finished to 16 inches in length. It can be shortened to your preferred choker length. The necklace is designed to be worn short so that the focal stone lays flat against the wearer, just at or below the collar bone. *Distant Mountains necklace *Freeform tumbled stone of green quartzite *Pale sage green color *Copper wire mountain profile motif extends from one hanging hole to the other *Two strands of brown leather cord on each side of the stone *Closes with a forged copper hook and eye *A little less than 16-inches long Quartzite is sandstone that has been metamorphosed over time at pressure into a rock that no longer has the sand grains in it. It occurs naturally in many colors, depending upon the minerals or metals that were within the sandstone or surrounding rock during its transformation.
Approximate Price/Value: $42