Burgundy Wine Ombre Gemstone Earrings, Garnet Jasper Rhodonite Silver

Image Description
Burgundy or wine toned ombre design gemstone earrings feature black faceted gems, garnet, fancy jasper, and deep rose pink rhodonite natural stone beads with bright sterling silver accents. The stones are arranged from darkest to lightest from top to bottom in these earrings. The topmost stone is a tiny faceted gem that came on a mixed gem strand. I believe these are black onyx, but they could be dyed black quartz. Next is a lovely deep burgundy colored garnet. The garnet stone is the only stone in the design that is translucent - it's like looking through stained glass or through the wine in your glass! After the garnet is a larger faceted round of fancy jasper, also known as India agate. I chose fancy jasper stones that are in the same burgundy or wine color tone but a tad bit lighter and browner than the garnets. The color is more like a cabernet wine than a burgundy. This jasper stone is set off from the others with sterling silver spacers on each side. The final and largest stone in the earring dangle is deep pink rhodonite. There are no wines that are quite this pink, but let's call it sangiovese rose. The rhodonite stone measures about 8mm wide (5/16-inch) by 5mm tall (about 3/16-inch). The wine-colored stones are strung on sterling silver ball headpins in a linear color gradient design. I made casual spiral looped hook-style ear wires of shiny sterling silver to balance the rather formal wine-colored gemstones. The earrings set an elegant but Bohemian mood that can take you to a holiday ball or shopping Saturday morning. * Gemstone earrings in shades of burgundy, wine, deep rose * Black onyx, garnet, India agate, rhodonite * Bright sterling silver handcrafted ear wires * Sterling Silver accent beads * Earrings are just over 1 ½-inches long (about 43mm)
Approximate Price/Value: $38