Black Stones and Silver Dangle Earrings, Elegant not Fussy, Obsidian

Image Description
These black and bright silver gemstone dangle earrings are elegant but not fussy. The black stones in these artisan earrings are black obsidian and rainbow obsidian. Rainbow obsidian, like black obsidian, is a volcanic glass. The rainbow obsidian appears black but with more direct lighting (especially in sunlight) it displays a "cat's eye" effect casting different colors from a smoky sheen to blue, violet, or even the full rainbow. The ones I selected for these earrings cast a mostly smoky brown or bronze color with a purplish tinge. A small 6mm (about ¼-inch) round black obsidian bead and an 8mm (about 5/16-inch) flattened round rainbow obsidian stone bead are separated with a striking sterling silver heishi bead. The sterling silver bead has been oxidized for depth of detail and the high points polished brightly. The bright silver contrasts with the dark black stones. These silver and black elements are united by running sterling silver wire through them and wrapping the top into a loop to create an earring dangle. A short marquise style ear wire handcrafted from sterling silver completes the elegant look. Black gemstones and brightly polished sterling silver are a classic and classy adornment. These earrings are elegant, but they are not fussy or so formal that you'd never wear them. Try them with your office attire or for that holiday party that's coming up. They will complement any style in your wardrobe from jeans and a sweater to the little black dress and make you feel grown up but not stodgy. Black gemstone and silver earrings are 1 ¾-inches long (about 45mm) from the piercing to the little silver loop at the bottom.
Approximate Price/Value: $28