Faded Denim Color Natural Gemstone Choker Necklace Sterling Silver

Image Description
A natural palette of grayish blue to slate blue stones plays with the white and silver sparkle of shiny sterling chain in this handcrafted choker necklace by artisan Pamela Hollis. Blue aventurine and dark blue sodalite gemstone beads and a pretty circular link bright sterling silver chain make a beautiful wintery pairing in this sparkling necklace. The blue aventurine beads are a medium to light denim blue shade with the characteristic aventurine flecks of shimmer and darker blue. Six blue aventurine beads, 6mm in diameter, are strung on sterling silver wire to create stations in a bright sterling silver flat circle link chain. Two smaller sodalite beads are worked into the chain towards the back. The chain links are 3-4mm in diameter. The flat links catch the light and seem to magnify it. At the front of the necklace, an airy waterfall is fashioned from 7 lengths of gemstone chain. The center strand is the longest. It is fashioned from three 4mm (about 3/16-inch) very dark blue sodalite beads and one blue aventurine bead like the ones set into the choker's neck chain. On either side of the central strand are two shorter strands made with two sodalite beads and an aventurine bead and a third strand with just one sodalite bead and one blue aventurine. I chose sodalite beads that had the same bluish grey tone as the aventurine stones but some of the sodalite is very dark slate color. The choker is finished to a length of 14.5-inches and closes with a sterling silver spring ring clasp and quality tab. The waterfall extends another 1.75-inches at the center. * Choker necklace length is 14.5-inches around the neck * Waterfall bib of natural stones and sterling silver extends 1.75" below the neck chain * Genuine sodalite and blue aventurine semiprecious stones, 28 in all * Sterling silver tab and spring ring closure The dark and faded denim blue stones and the bright sterling silver wire and chain are a very pleasing combination that can dress up or down with your wardrobe selection. The style of the necklace is kind of "vintage" but the palette is urban and modern. The choker would soften the look of a business suit, complement a nice dress, or accessorize your jeans and v-neck sweater for a holiday party.
Approximate Price/Value: $78