Christmas Tree Wire Wrapped Earrings, Sterling Silver, Green Quartz

Image Description
Sterling silver wire wrapped Christmas tree earrings are accented with emerald green quartz gemstones (dyed). I made the Christmas trees from 20 gauge sterling silver wire by looping a single wire over my pliers in an ever-widening pattern. Hammering and texturing follow the forming. This is the part I enjoy! The dog? Not so much (the hammering makes her a little crazy). The hammering is not just fun for the artisan; it serves to flatten the round wire, making it wider. Hammering and then the tumble-polishing serve to harden the wire to keep the shape and give it strength. A design like these Christmas trees with no crossing wires needs to be work hardened so it doesn't stretch apart easily. The brightly polished sterling silver Christmas tree dangles are hung on a simple round ear wire that I also made. The ear wires have a forward facing loop to hang the dangle and otherwise are plain so they don't compete with the pretty wire-wrapped Christmas Trees. The little green gemstone was part of a multi-gemstone strand that I bought. It is dyed quartz with tiny facets for extra glow and sparkle under twinkling Christmas tree lights. I think the pale emerald color is lovely with the shiny silver wire. * Christmas Tree dangle earrings are forged from sterling silver wire * Tiny quartz gemstone accent is a pale emerald green * Earrings are 2 1/8-inch (53mm) long Oh what fun it is to ride to your holiday party with these shiny silver and green Christmas Trees dangling from your ears! Or give them as a gift to a special friend or relative.
Approximate Price/Value: $34