White Moonstone Artisan Wire Angel Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver

Image Description
White moonstone earrings with sterling silver wire work are ready for gift-giving season. Brightly polished sterling silver wire work and glowing moonstones pair beautifully in these handcrafted earrings by Pamela Hollis of Pebbles at my Feet Natural Stone Adornments. The sterling silver wire dangle is an elongated loop or drop shape. While I did not set out to make one it's been pointed out to me that the shape is a bit like an angel. This pair in silver and white could easily be angel earrings - think of them that way if you like. I formed the drop using 20 gauge sterling silver wire. The initial shape is like an open "urn" or vessel - it is not until I'm finished hammering and polishing that I close the top by gently squeezing the loop. The shape wants to relax and open a little on its own and this, interestingly, keeps the drop hanging nicely and facing forward. You might have to switch the earrings from one ear to the other when you put them on to get both "angels" to face forward. This is a function of your individual piercings being somewhat different and the little bit of tension in the dangle. * Sterling Silver hand-forged wire earrings * Sterling silver hand made ear wires in a marquise shape * White moonstone bead, ~7mm in diameter - is captured within the loop with a few neat turns of fine gauge wire * Dangle shape is a stylized angel * 1 5/8-inches long (42mm) Whether you think these dangle earrings look like angels or not, they are heavenly little adornments. The shiny sterling silver and the soft inner glow of the moonstones strike just the right note for that little bit more special everyday outfit or a holiday party. The neutral palette pairs safely with any color so you can easily give these as a gift at Christmas or any special occasion.
Approximate Price/Value: $26