Wooden earrings*real desert wildflowers*handmade,decoupage,earthy

Image Description
These are charming and earthy floral earrings. The flowers are Mojave asters, a Utah desert wildflower that grows in my garden. They are decoupaged into place on the wooden discs.The gold cord trim around the discs serves as frames for these little pieces of botanical art work that Mother Nature and I have worked together to make. You'll love the amount of visible detail, the textures and the novelty of hanging real wildflowers from your earlobes! Here I have photos of three different pairs. The first and second photos are the front and back of one pair. The fourth and fifth photos are the front and back of another pair. The third photo is from yet another pair that has been sold. Please specify which pair you are interested in. Also I am happy to take custom orders if you would like a darker stain on the wood, such as is shown in the third photo or would like your pair a little bit shorter or a little bit longer?
Approximate Price/Value: $15