Peacock feather earrings-green/gold against dark wood*short feathers

Image Description
These earrings have such nice dimension: the fifth photo shows it well. The feathers are all peacock feathers. Facing both forward and backward, these earrings have a green/gold feather backed by a white feather that helps show off all the lovely colors and details of the feathers as well as the dark wooden square. The last photo shows that the backs of the earrings look as fabulous as the fronts. The wood separates the pairs of feathers allowing them to curve naturally inward without meshing together. Lots of detail here along with movement and a bit of tinkling in your ear! These earrings are a great length for someone who likes the idea of hanging peacock feathers from their earlobes, but isn't interested in long tail feather earrings. My feathers are all left their natural colors and are cruelty free. They are gathered from the ground of my father's property.
Approximate Price/Value: $18