Zombie Hottie: Green Blue and Black Choker

Image Description
Inspired and originally designed by/for the wonderful Arjay Smith of KissZombiesDIY : *cough etsy cough* kisszombies

WHO doesn't love zombies?! I know I love them.. From a distance atleast. No need to get bitten. Though this lovely lady is one I wouldnt mind getting bitten by! ;)
Hottie is taken from my sketchbook and transfered by hand to shrink plastic. Then is colored and blended also by hand! Shrink design was then shrunk and encased in a luscious BUBBLY resin bubble. The bubbled were put there on purpose! To make her appear to be preserved in a jar of liquid. Though obviously her undead zombie self is still breathing!

Pendant is then attached to a silver plate bail, clipped onto some silver tone jumprings and attached to a very short chunky black chain. Chain measured under 16 inches, and is shown on my neck in the last photo. The back is imperfect, and therefor price has been reduced.

* I pack in wooden keepsake boxes that are hand painted with your name! So if this is for someone else PLEASE let me know their name!
Approximate Price/Value: $41