PIF Charm: Happy Vday Toothy Grin

Image Description
PIF: Pay it forward. An item of my choice that is sold to you, the customer, at a teensy or discounted price for customer appreciation. We love you for purchasing from us, so take this as a token of our appreciation!

THIS round of PIF's are specifically Valentine's Day themed! And don't you worry, there are some designed for you anti-vday people out there too.
These are shrink plastic heart, with a design hand drawn by yours truly, that are then shrunk, sealed, and put on a large silver tone jump ring for your charm adding pleasure! Buy one and put it on a necklace or bracelet, buy them all and make a jingly charm bracelet or give them to your friends! After all, they are only $1!

*THE CHARM YOU ARE BUYING: Is pictured above, you will receive this one grinning red and cream heart charm. He is definitely excited about Valentine's day just look at him! With his adorable little buck tooth and blushing cheeks.
- Bubble wrapped and shipped in a size appropriate envelope.

♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Whether you celebrate or hate it or not. =]