Soap Sacks Crocheted Shell Pattern Set of Two

Image Description
Handy soap socks hand crocheted using the shell pattern. The pattern reminds me of the rows of waves that crash to the beach when I stand by the ocean in the summer. These handy little cotton crocheted sacks can be used to hold your personal items, soaps, and etc. The tops are gathered with a crocheted chain that can be easily tied and untied. It can be tied to make a loop or left with two ends as a bow. These great little soap sacks allow you to start with a whole bar of soap and use it to the last piece because it won't slip out of any holes. Approximate measurements: they will hold a standard bar of soap 3 inches wide by 4 inches tall. They are fun to use and easy to wash and dry. Give them to yourself or as a gift! Available in white or other colors upon request.
Approximate Price/Value: $7