Hand Knit Hats Wool Sand Dollar Design on Top Wool Olive Green

Image Description
Knit Hat with Sand Dollar Design on Top Wool Olive Green

This is a beautifully hand knit wool hat.

It is hand knit with Olive Green 100 percent wool double thick but very lightweight and soft.

This quality crafted hand knit hat has a roll up natural brim to hug your face and ears when it is pulled down and keep just your head warm when it is rolled up.

The pattern for this wool hat that I hand knit was created as I knit it along.

I don't use anyone else' s patterns, I knit my hats with freestyle patterns which means I knit this hat changing stitches to create a unique pattern as I went along throughout the construction of this hat.

The middle section of this hat has a section of stiches that can either allow this hat to be slouchy or stretched for two different types of fit and looks.

The top is finished off with a slouchy section and an ending pattern of knitting to allow for a one of a kind sand dollar pattern to be created when the final yarn tail is secured and the hat is completed.

This hat is for that special someone who wants a beautiful hand knit hat to keep their head and ears warm in the brutal winds of winter.

The 100 percent wool will allow this hat to be worn many times with very little maintenance.
Approximate Price/Value: $24