Raccoon Dangle Earrings with footprint on Reverse by Jenny Licht

Image Description
Raccoon Dangle Earrings-REVERSIBLE-with the footprint on the dangle backs.

I've painted this masked maurauder on a fun tear-drop shaped earring. This fellow is looking straight out at you wearing his familiar black mask. Exquisite detail right down to the whites of his eyes. The background is a sky blue wash. The footprints lay on a background of fresh green and blue.

Shown unassembled for image clarity. You will receive them assembled and displayed on a professional double business card.

Please note that I paint a mirror image so they are a matched set. The earrings are reversible as you can choose to wear them either way actually. I send along instructions on how to turn them around. It is like getting two pairs of earrings for the price of one as you can reverse the earrings. The matching bead on the dangle earring is black.
I even finish the sides of the earrings where the front image is expressionistically continued onto the sides.

There are two photos shown but this offer if for ONE PAIR of DANGLE EARRINGS. I show two so you can see the backs of the dangles.

My award winning highly collectible, miniature scenes are freehand painted in acrylic without magnification on nearly feather light natural materials. The artwork on these earrings is my original design, made in America, no decals, stamps, pens used and not imported.

Please be sure to wear the jewelry keepers to prevent loss when wearing your french wire dangle earrings. If you have difficulty getting a grip on the rubber stoppers (not shown) that I provide, you can simply use a "nut" from a regular post earring and just push it all the way up to the back of your ear out (out of sight)

Each piece is professionally double carded perfect for gift-giving, retailing or for yourself.

Rather than just a piece of jewelry, each is an original work of art which you'll see, if you look really close, I've signed, as I've used each tiny surface as the “canvas".

I really don't think the photo is the best depiction of what I do as it is only a picture whereas the jewelry itself is the original artwork. The seemingly impossible tiny scenes, on the modest size jewelry pieces in real life is what makes my jewelry intriguing and highly collectible. The artwork is crisp and intricate.

Artwork is always appreciated!

*Original artwork is signed by me, Jenny Licht, the artist
*Dangle Earrings are 5/8" x 7/8" x 1/8 " thick (approximate Earring size) and FEATHERLIGHT!
The teardrop shape has a slightly rounded bottom edge.

*All jewelry is impervious to water in normal use as I varnish everything 3 or more times. Extremely durable!

*Painted in non-smoking studio.

*Original artwork is signed by me, Jenny Licht, the artist.

*Beautifully double carded for a professional presentation, perfect for yourself, gift-giving or retailing.

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If you have any questions, please don't hestitate to e-mail
I can ship worldwide. Just e-mail me to ask about international shipping costs. They are usually quite minimal.

Upon cleared payment I usually ship within 5-7 business days.
Approximate Price/Value: $26